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Is the Ark of the Covenant a Portal to Hell?

Is the Ark of the Covenant a Portal to Hell?

If you are just discovering our blog I would suggest reading our first article to really see why the infamous Ark of the Covenant was a must for our second dive into the matrix pool of Speculative Spiritualism.

Ark of the Covenant

To begin with, The Ark of the Covenant has been sought after for millennia. Ranging from King Solomon to the Hollywood franchise Indiana Jones. With this in mind we can see how a treasure trove of Ark information can be accumulated. Furthermore, from its whereabouts to its alleged metaphysical powers.

Without traveling the Seven Seas I have been brought to the conclusion, that The Ark of the Covenant could possibly be a portal to Hell. Stay with me. Because if your perception of Hell is a place you go to have your feather weighed, then let’s put those fears to the wayside and see what’s really going on here.


The Architect of a False Reality

An individual that has devoted his life to revealing a plethora of mysteries has a front row seat in this blog. Therefore, I hope his work will be a topic of your research for days to come. This man is David Icke. He has so elegantly consolidated a series of HIGHLY important information that cannot be spoken with more relevance.

SaturnWith this in mind let me now inform you the information you are about to be presented will rock every foundation of your world. Please be prepared and know that you have been warned.  Stay with me after the viewing of this video available HERE

So, with just a quick glance at what Mr. Icke has to say about Saturn/Satan it unveils how virtually every religion conceived has revolved around this planet. Bringing with them the same mask for lifting the masses out of chaos and into order.

If you had the chance to view the information presented by David Icke you will begin to see how the title of this article seemed so fitting. Far too long has a hidden agenda been portrayed as the means of salvation and redemption. With a slightly new perspective for the religious group responsible for the creation of the Ark. I will now reveal how we can be so easily persuaded into believing how an electronic device is used as a awe-inspiring tool.


The Mother of all Technological Devices

Through my understanding the contents that reside inside the Ark of the Covenant were handed down to Moses. Given by the deity by whom Christian, Islam, Judaism, and many other Abrahamic religions refer to as God. The contents are said to be the 10 commandments. Which served to bring order out chaos, but did they?


Another depiction for the Ark of the Covenant is that Noah, from our modern interpretation of the iconic ancient flood story that stems from the Epic of Gilgamesh, used this device inside the Great Pyramid to teleport to a star system known as Sirius. Which can be further investigated by the work of  Ashayana Deane. If you thirst for more connections about the Ark of The Covenant and The Ark of Noah you should investigate Giza-Genesis: the Best Kept Secret by Howard Middleton-Jones and James M. Wilkie.

The Great Pyramid of Giza has been suggested to be built over the throat chakra of Mother Earth. I can now understand how an ancient set of beings might want to build such a fortress. Over what was being conveyed as the Ark/Portal, the voice, the electrical resonance of our Starship Earth. We refer to its splendor of craftsmanship to be so accurate 1/100th of an inch has not been displaced. As a result, a single hair or light ray cannot be passed through the cracks. What about water? Could this fortress be used to escape coming disasters and evade time by allowing teleportation to other star systems?


The Ark – An Ancient Device With New Intentions

In addition, I would like to conclude this with another group, The Anunnaki. Ask yourself. Could these beings depicted in the ancient epics have been using arks or portals in the pyramids? As the ancient Norse legends tell us of pathways to other realms here on Starship Earth created eons ago.

Also, could tools have been passed down generation after generation to particular chosen ones to continue their reign over man? Could these portals have come with smaller versions of the machine that we know to be the Ark of the Covenant? Would these tools have been called the Ankh? Used by the Egyptians to master this physical realm? Lastly, could it have been these tools used to construct such awe-inspiring monuments and temples?

The Anunnaki, being referred to by the Mesopotamian’s as the keepers of the Underworld, might just have had a physical embodiment that we have misconstrued for Mythology. Could these entities have been so visually horrifying that calling them demons, Archangels, Fallen ones, or the Nephilim seem very fitting? Possibly referring to where they came from as a Hell. Sending its messengers to fulfill a task that would ensure their immortal well being. Given these points, I will leave you for now. In short, I hope to leave you with new topics to research and many old epics to investigate with new eyes. Until our next meeting keep your heart strong and do not be deceived.



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