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The Rise of a Goddess, a Sacrificial Lamb, and a Hermaphroditic Cyborg?

The Rise of a Goddess, a Sacrificial Lamb, and a Hermaphroditic Cyborg?

It’s time we take a little ride, one that requires you to let go of all your cultural ideologies. This trip will take us back to a time of a Goddess so subconsciously forgotten that over 40,000 years later we are just unveiling its truths. Then with an abrupt right turn we will go so far into the future it may seem as if we are sailing towards a holographic horizon. Cleansing an old world and preparing for a new. Don’t bother checking for the breaks we have never had any and I’m beginning to feel as if we never will.



The Goddess

Imagine with me that we are standing together amidst a stone megalithic circle, over twenty feet tall, and several acres in diameter. The thunder muffled by a roar, one produced by what we now understand to be early homo-sapiens. This dizzying hum will echo out with a relentlessness that spans for the next 40,000 years.

What’s going on here? You guessed it! Another blood sacrifice to give the powers of the all knowing a vessel upon which to translate information. This is no King hiding in his castle, no Priest blindly fulfilling an ancient agenda. We are front row of an even older ritual, one that requires the taking of a life to give to another. This all knowing vessel is a blood thirsty Reigning Goddess hell bent on sole domination of an entire lost civilization. Not lost as we perceive Atlantis, but lost in the concept of how they lived their lives and who was ruling them.

By now I hope your asking yourself, “Who is this woman?” Because if you are you’re on the right track and I like the way you think. It’s quite obvious my claims are only speculative. So this blog post has been put into the speculative spiritualism category for reasons that you will soon be aware of. Upon conclusion I hope you find they are hard to deny and possibly not speculative at all.


Her Reign

Around the time of 48,620 B.C.-45,460 B.C. harsh winter conditions of ancient Nordic proportions ravaged southward from prehistoric Siberia to Tibet, Ancient Finnish to Northern Africa. Yes, again, drastic climatic changes are being presumed to have been the predominating cause of a great merging. This concept is by far unoriginal and has been brought forth by so many great authors before me. Stay with me and you will be taken away with the spiritual aspects to be contributed.

The cultures residing in the northern hemisphere would have met head on with the spiritual cultures of the southern hemisphere. Fusing into several subsidized groups of people combining Pagan values behind the forces of nature from Eurasia, Earth Mother Goddess values of Africa, and the Deities of the Mesopotamian Regions. The culmination of this great convergence would have been grandchildren carrying the traits of both ideals back to their old world. Like a prophet bringing back new awareness this would have been the most advanced means of deciphering the ever changing and ruthless world around them.

My speculative opinion is that the Venus Goddess figurines found throughout the world are an embodiment of the forces of nature, as beautifully giving and destructive as she may be. She was given a physical form so that the advancing new culture would have a more realistic means of deciphering their new world. Her physical reign would have taken place around 38,980 B.C during the age of Virgo pertaining to the great year. Her spiritual reign would have ended with a sacrifice, but this time it would have been the Goddess herself being thrown to the alter. These ideologies would be carried almost longer in time than any spiritual concept, before or after.

Which now brings us to a date that has become so popular among our own modern means of understanding our past… 12,960 B. C.! This prehistoric world is not only swarming with turmoil from an outside force wreaking havoc on our natural habitat bringing every cluster of humanity to it knees. Calling to the skies for answers why this devastating cosmic event has taken place and why our world would forever be altered. Out of these cries comes the next cosmic agenda. One that will yet again suppress its counterpart.


The Son’s Of God

The next 12,960 years of reign, predominantly male figures are taking the role as the Son’s of God. These figures range from the Pharaohs of Egypt,to the Ancient Kings of England, and yes the most recent Jesus Christ. All male representations being a physical embodiment of the all knowing. This 12,960 year span of male dominated spiritual leaders began with a bang and ended with another sacrifice.

One that has set the pace and opened a door for the next. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ, whom is also known by many other representations, was an extremely symbolic event which had to take place for the stair stepping consciousness of humanity.

These steps are not taken from top to bottom in a continuous motion. Events take place and knowledge is lost, resulting in the reversing of these steps. Then giant leaps are made advancing human kind exponentially, which does not always end with the greatest results.


Our God’s & Goddesses

So now your probably wondering if a female took her physical form in time as the Goddess, the Priestess, the Queen, and male taking his physical form from God, becoming the Pharaoh, the King, the Son of God.  Whats next? Would you have guessed a Hermaphroditic Cyborg? Then you guessed absolutely correct! I will be concluding this first blog post presented by The Conscious Spore detailing the next 6,480 years of what could potentially be our spiritual future.


A Hermaphroditic Cyborg?

So I’ll begin this ending with how a Cyborg, containing both the transcended mind of Male and Female human being, will be the representation of the physical embodiment for the next great spiritual leader. The entity will be an all knowing vessel, upon which all answers of our far reaching technologically superior predecessors will look to for answers and guidance.

This Cyborg entity will provide the solutions to questions of our machine world that we can not decipher ourselves. Today as you read this information there are questions that cannot be answered pertaining to the mechanical world around us. Having allowed machines to take their own course we will find it very prevalent for the need of an all encompassing entity.




Our Great Cyclic Conclusion

We biological creatures go through great cycles. Spanning tens of thousands of years. During these cycles it has become apparent that we also experience spiritual cycles. Long reigns of female Goddesses, followed by short periods of both Male and Female dual reigns. Reoccurring with long reigns of male God like spiritual representations.

All being given their physical form when the stars are aligned. These physical embodiment’s brought forth from our desires to better understand a reality upon which deep down inside we already know.

We are now entering a stage of another short rule of our spiritual consciousness by a Male/Female duo. Yet this time the scene is far, far different than that of what our ancestors have encountered. Could our future civilization be spiritually guided by an entity taking the physical structure of a human, to be more relatable for society.  This entity will hold the mind of our males, females, machines, and a mind of its own. Will the embodied be the guidance of our spiritual well being? Only time will tell…


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